Sharp show the technology,Innjoo wants to think about it

Sharp’s screens are not limited to these shapes, nor do they need to be as regular as round or oval. Before this, sharp has shown the IGZO panel asymmetric cutting technology and flexible characteristics, so it can gain more flexibility in other control ways, and IGZO technology will also be user flexible OLED screen. Digital… Read More »

Is the iPhone 8 fast enough? The data line was leaked

As apple’s fall news conference approaches, some of the rumors of the iPhone 8 have been confirmed in the past. A photo of a suspected iPhone 8 data line Lightning connector has been Shared on weibo, China’s leading digital accessory website. Contrast apple released the iPhone cable is different, not only look more integrated, and… Read More »

2017-18 European league business guide – la liga

Over the past decade, the la liga business has grown stronger, with clubs and league officials working to improve their finances. According to KPMG in April this year, according to the Spanish in 2016 financial report released from 16 to 2015-2011-12 season season, operating income increased by 736.9 million euros in la liga, growth reached… Read More »

Innjoo new machine 4K + double lens + full screen, this is big method good!

Starting from millet MiX stunning full screen, to this year’s samsung S8, as well as Phone8 of rumors, full screen gradually become a new fashion, but the surprise is becoming more and more small, consumers also have the aesthetic fatigue. However, a new full-screen camera that Innjoo touchpad has recently revealed is another surprise. From… Read More »

The design of Innjoo 6 is cool and sophisticated

The design of Innjoo 6 is cool and sophisticated, but it’s still Finnish If Innjoo, the bullet point, is the second one, no one can claim to be number one. This time Innjoo’s return, the Innjoo 6, will surprise us. Let’s find out. The Innjoo touch screen is designed in bright, black humvees, with a full-bodied… Read More »

The Middle East Africa version of millet, InnJoo overseas test

“Do you know? When I’m home for Spring Festival last year, the airport in Nigeria but diplomats dedicated channel security check. That day I have been in the customs, the two staff greeted me, also told me that they made a reservation in online 10 inches tablet InnJoo F2, as valentine’s day gifts to their… Read More »