The design of Innjoo 6 is cool and sophisticated

By | May 2, 2017

The design of Innjoo 6 is cool and sophisticated, but it’s still Finnish
If Innjoo, the bullet point, is the second one, no one can claim to be number one. This time Innjoo’s return, the Innjoo 6, will surprise us. Let’s find out.
The Innjoo touch screen is designed in bright, black humvees, with a full-bodied Nordic utility and simple atmosphere.
The metal breath of the Innjoo 6 touch is very simple and direct, and it is known that metal is not running when you close your eyes.
The Innjoo 6 is designed with a common hidden antenna design, but unlike other phones, the Innjoo 6 top has a single antenna with a symmetry of 3.5mm headphone jack.
Fuselage forehead adhering to the symmetrical design it is worth mentioning is the sensor hidden beneath a LED lamp, put the position is different, can charge the battery for, did not call, message and long bright or flashing hint, improve the identification of Innjoo, 6.
Using a 5.5-inch 1080P resolution of the corning gorilla, the display has a clear and exquisite effect.
The screen is out of the screen, and the light is blue and purple rather than the same black as the border.
Innjoo airframe adopt the industry’s top 6 weeks laminating process, hidden in the plastic ring box, implements the screen glass and metal border clearance is less than 0.05 mm don’t see the gap to the naked eye. The sense of sight and touch is strong.
Contrast common screen frame on the market at present is handling, says Innjoo adopted by 6 scheme is the optimum scheme for out or whether the broken screen or touch. The next one is Innjoo 6.
On the design of the Home button, Innjoo 6 USES no press type design, it is worth mentioning that the three keys are here are from the bottom, not in the machine “chin” position, the longitudinal center of single hand grip, personal feel somewhat arduous would happen sometimes.
The return of the Innjoo 6 and the key of the menu are white and blue, and the light is uniform and there is no leakage of light around.
At the bottom of the fuselage, there is a microphone, charging plug, speaker, and it’s still a micro-usb port.
The bottom opening is simple and restrained, full of order, very neat. The Innjoo 6 built-in dolby Atmos technology, which is officially described, can be combined with the content of the film to present a dynamic sound effect that sounds good.
Body from top to bottom respectively on the right side of the volume button and power button, are consistent with the fuselage of the metal material, and also highlights chamfer design, with the oneness of the fuselage stayed strong besides the volume key vertical shaking slightly, the whole work is delicate, not seen obvious gap, ointment button surface is too smooth, and power button key travel slightly shorter, handle still has room to improve.

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