Innjoo new machine 4K + double lens + full screen, this is big method good!

By | May 18, 2017

Starting from millet MiX stunning full screen, to this year’s samsung S8, as well as Phone8 of rumors, full screen gradually become a new fashion, but the surprise is becoming more and more small, consumers also have the aesthetic fatigue. However, a new full-screen camera that Innjoo touchpad has recently revealed is another surprise.

From the perspective of the rendering of the exposure, Innjoo, new Innjoo Xperia edge, full screen has some similar cylinder design style, the edge of the screen transition is very sharp, like full screen + surface design, on the perception of science and technology feeling stronger, net friend, this is uncle the some level. In addition, legend has it the full 6.8 inch screen phone will use a 4 k resolution, because Innjoo has released a 4 k resolution of the mobile phone, so the new flagship USES 4 k screen is not a surprise.

In addition, the Innjoo Xperia edge is said to be a breakthrough in photography, not only with the popular dual-camera approach, but also with a huge increase in pixels. Innjoo has been the industry the highest level of image sensor, but Innjoo their camera phones frontal levels has been less than friends home sensor business flagship, so I took pictures of the flagship still sceptical.

On the hardware side, the IP68’s waterproof and dust-proof level is already a standard for Innjoo’s phones, so the Innjoo Xperia edge doesn’t naturally pull down. In addition, the qualcomm snapdragon 835, 6GB of storage will not naturally be pulled down.
“Good Innjoo solution” of the last two years has become the netizen, Innjoo actually exploring black science and technology has been doing very well, just do on mobile phones have been found no feeling, don’t know whether it can really achieve good solution!

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