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By | August 5, 2017

Over the past decade, the la liga business has grown stronger, with clubs and league officials working to improve their finances. According to KPMG in April this year, according to the Spanish in 2016 financial report released from 16 to 2015-2011-12 season season, operating income increased by 736.9 million euros in la liga, growth reached 40.5%, compound annual growth rate of 8.9%. From this point of view, the progress of la liga in business is obvious.

From a sporting event point of view, la liga is the most flamboyant of the world’s best football players. For many elite players, the ability to play for real Madrid or Barcelona is something they have always dreamed of (the so-called “son of a son”, “son of a dream”). The stench, of course, most of the premier league (very attractive salary) or Paris st germain such team also has a big attraction, Paris is in not long ago to a record 220 million euros omar away. But for the top players’ home, it’s also the fact that all but three of the players of this century’s FIFA player of the year award have not played for the Spanish club.
La liga is entering a new era. After 11 years as the top earners at deloitte’s football club, real Madrid came third in 2015/16 with a revenue of 620.1 million euros. But real Madrid’s income increased by 7% and obtained from the previous two into more of Manchester united and Barcelona, resulting in a decline in ranking of reason, because their business income lags behind (263.4 million euros). However, real’s poor earnings will not last long after January and adidas agreed to a lucrative contract extension.

Of course, Barcelona did not stop for the ball. This season, barca’s advertising sponsorship contract with Japan’s rakuten will take effect. The two sides agreed to a four-year, 220m ($260m) deal last November.
According to deloitte, the club’s 20 clubs will receive a total of 3 billion euros of copyright in the 2017-18 season. Despite a wide gap with the premier league’s 5.1 billion euros, the distribution of the broadcast revenue in la liga has become more equitable and the teams no longer need to find buyers individually.
Previously, the clubs had negotiated their own TV contracts, which made a big difference in the rights of the club. Real Madrid and barca have been in the pockets of the other 18 clubs that have lost interest. In 2014, for example, atletico Madrid won the la liga title, and their revenues were less than those of Cardiff city, the last place in the premier league. But now that the situation has improved, 50% of the TV rights revenue in the country is distributed on average by the 20 clubs, and the rest is allocated according to the club’s performance over the past five years.

In recent years, la liga has sought to improve the quality of the game to improve the business value of the league and further enhance its international influence and challenge the premier league. It has done its homework in Asia and the Middle East: it set up an office in Beijing in 2014 and an office in Shanghai in 2016. It now operates regional hubs in Singapore, India and dubai.
The la liga has also focused its strategy on Asia, with the aim of gaining market growth in those countries. In recent seasons, for example, they have postponed the start of the game to cater to the Asian television audience.
SportsPro, the British media, summed up the sponsorship of the clubs in la liga, and we have a brief look at it. (by the name of the club)
Alavis innjoo
Equipment supplier: Spanish sports brand Kelme
Main sponsor: LEA (daily chemicals)
Back sponsor: Alava
Polo pants sponsor: Euskaltel (telecommunications)
2015/16 bonus: 94 million euros ($111.5 million)
Major sponsors: Araba Alava, (integrated services) El Correo (media), KirolBet (gaming), Coca-Cola, Ambar (wine), Kelme, IMQ (insurance), D’s damat (men’s wear), Halcon Viajes (travel service)
New sponsor: LEA, Rioja Alavesa (red wine)
Athletic bilbao
Athletic bilbao. innjoo
Equipment supplier: New Balance
Main sponsor: Kutxabank
Bonus: 95 million euros ($127 million)
Major sponsors: IMQ medical insurance), San Miguel (shengli beer), Audi Alzaga (Audi), Euskaltel (telecommunications), Barcelo Viajes (tourism services), Bai&by (language learning), alzol-balenzategui
Recent sponsors: New Balance
Atletico Madrid
Atletico Madrid. innjoo touchpad
Equipment supplier: Nike
Main sponsor: Plus500 (foreign exchange)
Bonus: 116 million euros ($137.6 million)
Major sponsors: Mahou (beer), Bwin (gambling), La Caixa (bank), EA Sports, Coca-Cola, Philip LG, Dentix, Solan DE cabras (mineral water), Monbus (travel service), Roberto Verino (costume)
Recent sponsors: LG, Bwin, Plus500
Barcelona. innjoo
Equipment supplier: Nike
Main sponsor: Rakuten (lotte group)
Back sponsor: UNICEF United Nations children’s fund
Sleeve sponsor: Beko (home appliance)
Bonus: 148 million euros ($175.6 million)
Major sponsors: Gillette (Gillette), Estrella Damm (beer), Konami (game), the imminent (bank), audi, Oppo, gatorade, Milo (drink), Betfair (online gambling), Stanley black & decker (industrial total and security solutions), Lassa (tyre), Allianz (Allianz), Toshiba, Deezer (music)
New sponsors: Emirates NBD inform their bank, Nef (real estate), shimao group, mission hills group, the imminent, Kore Software (enterprise management), BNN technology, Scotiabank, (financial group), ex, Shanghai pudong development bank, safeguard,
Celta. innjoo
Equipment supplier: adidas
Main sponsor: Estrella Galicia (beer)
Polo pants sponsor: Abanca (financial services)
2015/16 bonus: 81 million euros ($91.2 million)
Major sponsors: Abanca, Luckia (gaming), Recalvi (auto parts), DR&N, Altia (software services), Coca-Cola
New sponsor: N/A
La coruna
La coruna. innjoo
Equipment supplier: Italian sports Macron
Main sponsor: Estrella Galicia
2015/16 bonus: 76 million euros ($90.20 million)
Major sponsors: coruna, Luckia (gaming), Louzao, Melia (hotel services), hm modelo, Altia, asisa (insurance), Marinedacity (department store), Grupo Regueira (auto parts), Ter Maria
New sponsor: Luckia
Mr Anwar. innjoo
Equipment supplier: puma
Main sponsor: AVIA (sports equipment)
Back sponsor, ball pants sponsor: Wilco
2015/16 bonus: 94 million euros ($117 million)
Main sponsors: Euskaltel (telecom), San Miguel, Seat (west yat car), KirolBet (gambling), Full Gas (Gas), Insalus (mineral water), Premier Class (used car)
New sponsor: N/A
The Spanish
Spanish. innjoo
Equipment supplier: Spanish sports brand Joma
Main sponsor: Rastar Group (star entertainment)
Polo pants sponsor: Riviera Maya (travel service)
2015/16 bonus: 88 million euros ($104.5 million)
Major sponsors: Caixa Bank, Estrella (beer), Riviera Maya
New sponsor: InnJoo (smart phone, computer), Vebet (gambling), Leadercf (courtesy wealth)
Getafe. innjoo
Equipment supplier: Joma
Main sponsor: Tecnocasa Group
Bonus: 2015/16 bonus: promotion
Major sponsors: beIN, Bioshelter Viajes, Mahou, Hoteles2, Citycar Sur, Renfe, eurogreen, Lujisa, Casadepias, Tibermotorsur, Runas, el Corte Ingles
New sponsor: BBVA, Viagogo’s

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