Is the iPhone 8 fast enough? The data line was leaked

By | September 5, 2017

As apple’s fall news conference approaches, some of the rumors of the iPhone 8 have been confirmed in the past. A photo of a suspected iPhone 8 data line Lightning connector has been Shared on weibo, China’s leading digital accessory website. Contrast apple released the iPhone cable is different, not only look more integrated, and the possibility of quick charge technology preparation, seems to confirm the past coming from the next generation iPhone will support quick charge.

IPhone 8 data line exposure
The release of a suspected iPhone 8 data line Lightning connector from the @recharging network is a big difference from the iPhone’s previous iPhone. Specifically, the iPhone 8 data line Lightning connector is still a BGA packaging technology, but in the past the iPhone area was composed of four major chips, NXP 20P3, ST USB2A, TI BQ2025 and so on. But the latest data line interface sees only one model NXP 6B0A chip, the rest is resistance, and the integration is much higher than in the past.

To this end, the @recharging network speculates that this time apple quietly upgraded Lightning connector, which should be ready to support fast charging technology. Compared with the current Android camp of quick charge technology progresses by leaps and bounds, the apple iPhone has 5 v 1 a (5 w) and 2 a (10 w) charging speed, compared with the other competitors is common 15 to 18 w quick charge, confirm is to give a person the sense of several generations behind. So, if apple increases the fast charging technology on the next iPhone, it will greatly enhance the competitiveness of the product.
It is expected to support USB3.0
In addition, the @recharging network also believes that apple has quietly upgraded its Lightning connector to improve its power supply, while on the other hand it is likely to join the latest encryption protocol. That would make it more difficult to crack, ensuring that the accessories make more money.

Charging at the same time, in accordance with the @ head network on weibo release of a WeChat screenshots show that there are 8 engineers also revealed the iPhone cable will also support USB 3.0 technology, so the USB – C to 20 basically confirmed not only, but also means that the same will be in charging and data transmission will have greater improvement.

The official name is still in doubt
However, the official name for the upcoming iPhone may not be the rumored iPhone 7s / 7s Plus and iPhone 8, but is named Phone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone Edition. In other words, is equipped with the 10th anniversary of OLED display apple iPhone is not called the iPhone 8, but will be called the iPhone Edition, while the iPhone 7 series will be entrusted with an upgraded version of the iPhone and iPhone 8 August Plus.
At the same time, the foreign website 9to5mac also quoted the source as saying that the iPhone Edition will support Qi wireless charging and will be compatible with the current Qi charger. And all three new iphones will continue to use the Lightning interface this year, which is consistent with the message from the @recharging head.

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