Chanel Lanyard

Ms. Gabrielle chanel is the founder of the chanel brand. Wholesale Chanel Lanyard Even those who know much about the international luxury brand may not know much about chanel, but as a real brand, the influence of its founder is inevitable. Often, what kind of personality and attitude brand founders have, most of them will give their own brand. Here is the story of Wholesale Chanel Lanyard, Ms. Chanel. Chanel was born in 1883, the second child of a poor unmarried couple in France. Her father was a grocer from the severn hills, and her mother was a shepherd from the auvergne mountains. Chanel is said to have been born in somir, France. Another is born in the mountains of auvergne in southern France. In fact, Wholesale Chanel Lanyard the legend of her life has always been controversial, and chanel’s desperate efforts to avoid and disguise it have made her birth even more mysterious. Chanel’s childhood was unhappy. Her mother died when she was 12, and her father left her and four siblings behind. Since then, she has been raised by her aunt and attended Convent School as a child, where she learned sewing skills.

In 1905, when she was 22 years old, she became a “Cafe singer” and became known as “Coco”. During his career, Coco met two patrons and became their confidant, a British industrialist and a wealthy military officer. Making friends with dignitaries makes COCO financially able to open her own store for Wholesale Chanel Lanyard.


In 1910, Coco Wholesale Chanel Lanyard a millinery shop in Paris, where she sewed hats that were simple and durable with her unusual needlework skills. Two of her closest friends introduced her to celebrity guests. Women were tired of fancy frills, so Chanel’s simple, comfortable hats were as cool as a fountain. Within a year, business was booming, and Coco moved her shop to Rue Cambon, a fashionable neighborhood that remains Chanel’s headquarters. Coco’s ambition for fashion was never met by making hats, so she moved into Haute Couture.

In 1914, coco Chanel opened two fashion stores and the influential fashion brand “Chanel” was officially born.

In the 1920s, Wholesale Chanel Lanyard designed many innovative styles, such as the tricot sailor dress, the little black dress and the bottle neck suit. In addition, Coco got inspiration from men’s wear and added a little more male flavor to women’s wear, which changed the gorgeous and beautiful fashion of women’s wear in those days. Blazer, for example, has been added to the women’s wear collection, followed by trousers. Don’t forget that women only wear skirts in the 1920s. Coco’s series of creations brought a great revolution to the history of modern fashion. Coco’s unique understanding of fashion aesthetics and rare talent have made her acquainted with many poets, painters and intellectuals. Among her friends are Picasso, an abstract painter, and shang, a French poet and director. Wholesale Chanel Lanyard and so on. It was the golden age of French fashion and art. Wholesale Chanel Lanyard opened two fashion stores in 1914, and Chanel, the influential fashion brand, was officially born.

Material 1. Polyester of wholesale Chanel Lanyard
2. Can change to nylon, PET etc., according to your request for wholesale Chanel Lanyard
Size 1. ( 80/90)cm length x (1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5)cm width
2. Can change to other sizes, according to your request
Color pantone color for wholesale Chanel Lanyard
logo Silk-screen printing, Heat transfer(sublimation), woven(jacqard)…
Accessories Plastic buckles, swivel J hook, bulldog hook, safe breakaway, thumb trigger hook, oval hook, bottle opener hook, bottle holder hook….
Usage promotion, advertisement, daily use for ID card / key / mobile phone /whistle/trade/fair for wholesale Chanel Lanyard
Sample lead time 3~4 days
Sample charge USD30,including the dyeing and molding charge
Production lead time 5-12days, depend on order quantity
Payment terms L/C,T/T, Paypal, Ali Escrow,Western Union
Delivery terms By DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS Express which will provide door to door sevice

Shipment by sea cargo/by air cargo for large quantities of wholesale Chanel Lanyard.