Vans Lanyard

  1. Wholesale Vans Lanyard of mobile phone hanging rope is a kind of decoration hanging on the mobile phone, and sometimes it has practical functions such as convenient carrying and preventing loss. Many phones have holes in the fuselage that allow them to hang mobile phone accessories. Wholesale Vans Lanyard of mobile phone was hanging cradle, edo period people used to place the purse into belt, in order to prevent the purse from belt, start on the wallet tied to a known as the “root” (Netsuke) of small adorn article, this a popular habit, in order to show personality, root of material also develops gradually from the simple wooden to the highest level of ivory carvings.
  2. Japanese people are accustomed to Wholesale Vans Lanyard  daily personal belongings, so after the popularization of mobile phones, they also apply the concept of root pay to mobile phones, and develop various kinds of mobile phone pendants. The materials used for mobile phone rope hanging can be divided into crystal, leather and metal, etc., in addition to Wholesale Vans Lanyard by ourselves, there are also companies that make Wholesale Vans Lanyard  of mobile phone hanging decorations for the purpose of promotion and promotion. The mobile phone pendant is a small piece of clothing or fashion.

Item name Wholesale Vans Lanyard
Material Polyester for Wholesale Vans Lanyard
Style Customized for Wholesale Vans Lanyard
Color Customized for vans lanyards
Logo Customized  for vans lanyards
Size regular or customized for vans lanyards
Sample 2-5 days for vans lanyards
Mass depend on the order quantity  for vans lanyards
Packing regular or customized  for vans lanyards
Payment TT,LC ,Paypal
Delivery Port FOB Shenzhen

Wholesale Vans Lanyard 100pc